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“Cypher Core” Deciphers Sensor Synchronization and Interfacing

After months of design, development and testing we have finalized the Cypher Core PCB. This PCB acts as the main interface hub for the sensor devices and the computer of our Moose Vehicle Platform. Cypher Core ensures that all synchronization dependent devices obtain correct and consistent timing signals that originate from the GPS device.

We would like to thank our partner Altium Limited for providing us Altium Designer to complete this PCB design project. Altium Designer is a software package for high-end PCB design. From component selection to 3D CAD, Altium Designer provides the end-to-end PCB design solution for our rapid prototyping needs.

We would also like to thank Wurth Electronics for providing us with the connectors, through-hole capacitors, voltage regulator, LEDs and ferrite beads to necessary complete the project.

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