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Burloak Technologies Measures Our New Car, Stardust

We would like to thank Burloak Tehnologies for measuring our car on 30th November 2017.

Burloak Technologies is Canada’s leading supplier of highly engineered additive metal and plastic components for demanding applications, having served the aerospace, defense, energy, medical, automotive, transportation and industrial industries.

Step 1:

Using a FaroArm Burloak Technologies measured select points along the length of the cars body. This established a reference frame to orient all measurements to.

Step 2:

Continuing with the FaroArm the sensor positions were captured by obtaining points, planes and basic 3D shapes on the sensors themselves.

Step 3:

It was necessary to move the FaroArm to reach all the applicable sensors, as such the points measured at each FaroArm location are then aligned during post processing. This is due to the need for the final measurements to be on the same frame of reference

Over the last few years, the company has grown from a virtual manufacturing company to Canada’s leading manufacturer of highly engineered additive parts. They build components by providing the additive, subtractive and finishing technologies alongside extensive metrology capabilities.

We would like to again thank Burloak Technologies for measuring our car.

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