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Proto3000 Measures the Moose

We would like to thank Proto3000 for measuring the Moose allowing us to accurately estimate the range of it’s cameras and sensors.

Proto3000 is a professional service provider of both 3D Printing and Scanning.

Using hand-held metrology tools Proto3000 scanned the Moose on November 24th, 2017. Step 1:

The metrology team set ‘location points’ on the Moose based upon the origin point (of measurement) in the car. Then, using MaxSHOT 3D they began the measuring process by scanning the entire body of the car (they used MaxSHOT 3D, as it was most appropriate for the large size and the shape of the car). This approach allowed them to achieve an accuracy of 0.015mm/m for the car parts, over 2 meters in size.

Step 2:

Scan that moose!

Proto3000 used their ultimate measurement and inspection tool, MetraSCAN to measure all the marked ‘location points’ on the car. Utilizing the scanner’s highly accurate localizing and scanning ability the technician generated a 3D polygonal mesh of the car while moving around the outside of the vehicle. This powerful device enabled them to efficiently reproduce and trace the curves and the equipment on the car (including small sensors tucked into the trunk of the vehicle).

Step 3:

Using Polyworks the team put together the 3D model of the Moose, describing distance information from each identified point to the car.

We would like to again extend our appreciation to them for measuring the Moose! Having a 3D vehicle reference, including sensors will help us improve our multi-sensor calibration efforts!

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